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Walks Around Shefford


A series of eight circular walks around Shefford varying in length from 1¼ - 9 miles in length. 

Shefford is situated in mid-Bedfordshire and is 9 miles south east of Bedford along the A600.

General Information
The walks commence at the Town Meeting Room (A) on the maps. Wherever the walk leaves the road the footpaths are marked by finger posts. Thereafter you will find posts with arrows on discs leading you on your way.

Click here for the revised version of the walks released in July 2020.  

Tip -go to Town Council walk link for individual walks

These walks were developed by Shefford Town Council P3 Group with support from the old Bedfordshire County Council Environmental and Economic Department. The design and printing of the leaflets were supported by the County Council and the Countryside Commission under the Parish Paths Partnership scheme.
Drawings by Stuart Hodgson, Shefford.
If you have any comment to make regarding improving the walks, please write to: P3 Group, Shefford Town Council, Council Chamber, Northbridge Street, Shefford, SG17 5DQ.

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